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How to Gain Authentic Subscribers with a Giveaway

coffee-desk-laptop-notebookEpisode 006: In this episode of the podcast, Buck Flogging talks with Cary Richards again after he saw some success with a recent online giveaway. Though all seemed fine and dandy- awesome, even- he soon realized that there were a few downsides and tricks behind the glory of using the giveaway service he did use.

Buck goes over why the 11,500 emails Cary recently gained might be too good to be true, and how he can move forward with giveaways gaining real opt-ins that will go straight into his email list, not just fake email addresses or people that are 0% interested in what Cary actually does in his business.

Here’s what Buck and Cary cover in this episode:

  • Cary’s recent giveaway success by including Buck Books
  • Giveaway Promote- the service Cary used to gain 11,500 inauthentic opt-ins
  • The biggest problem with giveaway promotions
  • Making money by promoting free stuff
  • The power of segmenting lists for giveaways
  • Hosting a giveaway on your own site vs. using a service
  • How often you should email your subscribers
  • The importance of being 100% yourself when you’re communicating on the internet
  • How to diffuse the sound of a sales pitch
  • A great example of radical honesty in a sales pitch

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Listen to How to Gain Authentic Subscribers with a Giveaway below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!

  1. You had mentioned a service you plan on rolling out where it should be possible to get your first few thousand email subscribers overnight. I think it was mentioned in the podcast briefly, it’s on your facebook page and was mentioned in book 3.

    Do you have a launch date set for that service? What are you calling it?


    • Yeah, we’ve got nearly 10,000 subscribers for it already. It’s called Epic Wins. http://epicwins.us

      It should be fully ready to use by this fall. I’d wait awhile to get that subscriber base built up even bigger if I were you.

  2. To clarify Cary’s results, Giveaway Promote did not send him 11,500 inauthentic opt-ins as noted in your description and in the podcast. I’d love to see what he’s looking at on his end regarding our referrals.

    His giveaway listing posted on our site on June 17th received 326 views, and 265 of those people clicked through to his giveaway from us. The June 29th listing received 322 views, and 244 of those clicked through to his giveaway from us. I don’t know where else his giveaway was picked up and promoted, but the bunch ‘o fakes didn’t come from us.

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