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How to Efficiently Start an Online Health, Nutrition and Fitness Business

person-sport-bike-bicycleEpisode 002: In this episode of the podcast, Buck Flogging talks with Jon Fernandes, who’s extremely familiar with today’s leaders of the health and fitness industry and wants to start sharing his own journey of reclaiming his health. Though Jon has been mentored by some well-known individuals in the field, he needs Buck’s help learning how to become an online fitness coach, and make his own business thrive with the help of various entrepreneurial tools that Buck recommends.

Listen to this episode to find how to efficiently start an online health and fitness business without wasting your time or energy on something that simply doesn’t work.

Here’s what Buck and Jon cover in this episode:

  • How Buck and a few others influenced Jon to get back on track with his health (and how this ties in with his business goals)
  • An easy way to see who’s linking into other websites in your industry
  • The main thing you should focus on when creating a health, nutrition and fitness business
  • Why you need subscribers in order to make a podcast worth your time
  • When it’s best to use an alias name, and when it’s not
  • The most effective ways to get revenue from a beginning health and fitness business
  • Describing the basic infrastructure of building a business through a podcast or blog
  • How to monetize the business with fitness and nutrition coaching and online fitness programs.

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Listen to How to Efficiently Start an Online Health and Fitness Business below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!

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