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Ask Buck 1

pexels-photoEpisode 005: In this episode of the podcast, Buck Flogging answers your burning questions about building your own business, quitting your job and making money online.

If you feel like you’re blogging your fingers off aimlessly and inefficiently, this first episode of the Ask Buck series of The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast will help you find a new, fresh and precise direction in your online business so that you can start to create a game plan for making shit happen.

Here are the topics Buck answers in this episode:

  • How do you pick the strongest affiliate niche?
  • What to do if you don’t have any marketable skills
  • Is it possible to become an Amazon affiliate if you live outside of Amazon’s available countries?
  • Understanding a sign spinner site
  • Creative ways to make affiliate income from Amazon
  • What’s “necessary” to spend on formatting, editing and design of an ebook
  • The income difference you make between selling a professionally done ebook and a “dry” one

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Listen to Ask Buck 1 below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!

1 Comment
  1. Dude:

    Buck Flogging — Matt!

    Your podcasts are awesome…. your books are great and filled with super useful stuff. I love the HUSTLE… from your audiobook work over at ArchAngel to COURSE COWBOY, to all the other stuff — I love it that you write candidly about hitting the WALL and hit pause occasionally!

    Don’t know how books ever end up in BUCK books, but this CRAZY GUITAR book is .99CENTS and you’re free to aff-tag it and send it to your peoples, or let me know if you even take submissions, suggestions…

    Why You Suck at Guitar: Learn the Top Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Sound or Play Better

    I’d also be happy (and honored!) to be on your podcast at some point if I ever get my shit together! I have a FT job (teach music at college level), write ebooks, run a bunch of sites/pen names, sell paperbacks, t-shirts, etc. and a few other things…

    all best Andy McWain in Massachusetts

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