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About QuitN6

QuitN6 is an information source for helping struggling members of the workforce find a way to cut the cords of employment—breaking free for a life with more fun, freedom, creativity, and financial abundance.

Information however, no matter how good it is, has limited ability to create success for an individual. With that information there needs to be resources, and that’s what will ultimately set QuitN6 apart from every internet business school that has ever come before it.

From a publishing company to a place where you can get your first several thousand email subscribers overnight, to an eCourse promotion site to hookups on getting custom graphics and web development for under $100, QuitN6 is soon to create the most complete internet business success formula anywhere.

The QuitN6 Team


Matt Stone, aka Buck Flogging. Lives in Florida, USA.

Matt Stone started out as a passionate purist, doing extensive health and nutrition research and documenting it on his now inactive blog, www.180degreehealth.com, with no entrepreneurial interest or know-how whatsoever. His daddy literally had to do everything for him. Register a business name. Set up a business bank account. Set up payment processing. Find a web developer… You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, Stone was such a digital newb that it took him two years just to figure out how to put an image into a blog post. Not the brightest bulb in the lamp folks.

Stone, perhaps the unlikeliest of entrepreneurs, actually garnered a large following online, published some books, and became a multiple bestselling author at the helm of a business generating nearly $200,000 in sales annually. All without ever reading a single book about entrepreneurship, business, online marketing, or anything of the sort.

But as his interest in health and nutrition research waned, he looked to all the lessons he’d learned from watching others in his 8-year journey online, drew upon many more lessons learned from his many successes and failures with 180DegreeHealth, and launched a superior business with his partner Rob Archangel, www.archangelink.com. This is where Buck Flogging originally came to life.

It was successful in just a matter of months, and with the launch of www.buckbooks.net, which became more or less an overnight success that has gone on to make a few shockwaves in the publishing industry (while bringing in tens of thousands of dollars of monthly revenue within its first year), it has become apparent that these repeated successes aren’t luck.

Stone actually knows his stuff, and QuitN6 was launched to reveal the strategies, tactics, and knowledge that other unlikely entrepreneurs, like himself, can use to make the leap to successful and sustainable self-employment online.


Stephen Reed, aka Willy B. Quitton. Hails from the U.K.

The QuitN6 master of perversion, Reed, now affectionately known as Willy B. Quitton, was originally recruited by Stone after seeking out cover design services and driving him and his girlfriend (the cover designer) to the brink of suicide with his nitpicky, anal revision requests.

“No, this font’s too thin. I can’t make out the image in thumbnail. Can we try green instead of orange for the background?”

After Stone and his girlfriend actually fired him as a client, Reed chose to design his cover himself, and put together one of the worst covers ever created. You can see it for yourself HERE. Don’t look directly at it, or else you run the risk of doing retinal damage.

In all fairness, the original did have a fucking cartoon hamster on it. No one could say that it was much better.
Bad book covers aside, as luck would have it, Stone needed an anal guy to be the voice of Buck Flogging for the daily email broadcasts at www.buckbooks.net so he could go work on other projects. He knew just who to call on. Mr. Attention to Detail, Stephen Reed. The rest is history, and they have since become as close as two friends can be who don’t live on the same continent or ever leave their houses.

To Stone’s pleasant surprise, Reed turned out to be even more depraved than he ever imagined, filling the role of Buck Flogging perfectly if you don’t count the annoying British colloquialisms that Stephen, hailing from Great Britain, couldn’t refrain from using. Stone does count those though. Every one. He aims to deliver a powerful electric shock to Reed’s groin for each usage of the word “whilst” if they ever meet the old-fashioned way (in person).


Jon Pedlow. Lives in the U.K.

Graphics guy behind every graphical element you see here at QuitN6, including book covers, logo, banner ads, website design, and more. A recent addition to the team, Pedlow isn’t far off from getting his own fake name. He’s that good. Although he took two major leaps back recently and was nearly fired when news surfaced that his son referred to R2D2 as “E.T.,” prompting child protective services to launch a lengthy investigation into his parental failures. Check out some of his awesome stuff at www.blacksheepuk.com.

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