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I’m Buck Flogging (aka Matt Stone), the man, the myth, the LEGEND—helping the unhappily employed quit and do their own shit since 2014.

I’ve been making my living online full-time for 8 years now, and I’ve been trying to help others become successful for about half of that time.

In that time, there has been only one type of client that actually ended up being wildly successful. You know the type: Super smart, dedicated to the point of near obsession, knowing EXACTLY  what they want to do, no job to distract them from building their business, lots of money, and they have something truly unique and innovative to share with the world and are spilling over with confidence and the charisma that comes from their conviction. Oh, and they are of course great speakers, great writers, really good looking, are awesome on camera—the full set of tools…


99% of the people that have sought my help in building some kind of successful enterprise online over the years:

  • Don’t have much time (they work full time)
  • Don’t really know what they want to do/don’t have any good ideas
  • Don’t have that much confidence
  • Aren’t geniuses
  • Aren’t weirdly obsessed with anything
  • Aren’t in good financial shape
  • Don’t have any specialized knowledge or skills

The Unicorn

While I started out helping people with a broad spectrum of online business models, I’ve recently changed gears and decided to specialize on one very specific model. I call it the Lead a Team Business Model, and it’s a straight up UNICORN, because…

It doesn’t require a person to have ANY of the things on the list above. 

No ideas? No talent? No skills? No passion? No time? NO PROBLEM!

I know that sounds fucking cheesy, but it’s kind of true. Let me explain… 

How I Found It

I originally had success as a blogger and author, but my interest in that business dried up in 2013. Thinking that I was invincible, I had a flurry of ideas that I thought could replace the income from my old business and then some. Instead of going after one of my ideas, I went after all THREE.

Yes, I tried to launch three new websites at the same time, and I thought I could just work through the night until dawn every day, 12-14 hours staring at a screen with intense focus, without repercussions to my health. 

Spoiler Alert… I WAS WRONG!


Weird I know, but it turns out that working all day and night in front of a screen, rarely leaving the house, and sleeping on a vampire’s schedule isn’t healthy for humans. Who knew?!

Yeah, I guess I was just another one of those dumbasses who thinks that abusing yourself is all part of some cool #hustle thing. I can tell you, however, that it is NOT cool. It’s fucking retarded, and we all should be trying to work as little as possible while still getting results, but let me back up for minute…

So yes, the month that I was launching all three sites I started having ominous left shoulder pain and fainting spells. At 36 years of age. It was scary as hell. I can still get a little queasy just writing about it, so I’ll stop.

After I crashed and burned, I found that I couldn’t work more than just an hour or two per day without re-aggravating my symptoms. Yet I had started all these new sites, and I had a new family of three to support. It was pretty scary, and I had to make a sudden leap from being a workaholic solopreneur to building a team and delegating almost everything.

It was tough, but armed with all my prior knowledge of internet business and my residual balls-to-the-wall approach to building businesses, I grew my sites (and added a few more) from a few thousand a month to $95,000 per month in just 21 months!

Pretty gangsta right?

I thought so, but things were unstable, the money stopped coming in a few months later, and, because I really had no idea how to properly lead my crew, I just reacted by being a dick to everyone on my team. Throwing tantrums. Stressing out over everything. Insulting them when things didn’t go well. And yelling at my family and damaging a lot of household items in my spare time.

Awesome job, Buck. Way to go buddy.

I made tragic mistakes in how I built my team. I hired too many people and paid them way too much. I’m a super generous guy, and I shelled out $4,000 per month to all my team members, giving aggressive raises every time something went well. It was stupid and risky and I got totally burned. Within a year of thinking I was going to be the next Timmy Ferriss or something, I was in tears telling my entire team that I had to let them all go from a shanty in a third world country (that I fled to in an attempt to live for less than $1,000 per month, try to build everything back again from the ashes and embers that remained from the short Flogging flare, and pay off about $50,000 in business debt that I incurred trying to save my team).

Let's get to the point now

Okay, that was overly dramatic. I actually really enjoyed my time out of the country. I saw some amazing places in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Colombia, I made more friends in six months than I made in the prior decade, became fluent in Spanish, and improved my health a little (I could work almost THREE hours a day, haha). It gave me a lot of perspective, and I’ve been a WAY happier person since.

I also made the leap to doing something I had always been really uncomfortable about doing—hiring cheap laborers overseas. My average worker now gets paid $400 per month instead of $4,000 per month! They are almost as good as my prior workers, and in some ways they are better.

What’s Happened Since…  

Since the crash of my second internet business at the end of 2016, I have had to reinvent EVERYTHING. I had to start something that I couldn’t be personally involved in when it comes to the day-to-day grind. I was limited to being a leader and delegator exclusively with a max work capacity of just 10-15 hours per week. I was horrified of hiring people and paying them a lot like I did in the past, so I hired as few as I could and paid them a much safer salary that was only ~20-30% of the revenue coming in each month. 


The first new project I started was a site providing a done-for-you advertising service for authors called BookAds.

I started out with tons of excitement as BookAds looked to be a major breakout success, quickly scaling up to over $20,000 per month in just a few months. But soon after I became 100% certain that it would grow to become my first 7-figure website, the negative reviews started pouring in.

We grew too quickly, too soon for sure.

But the REAL PROBLEM is that we were offering to help people advertise their “products” without screening those products. Most books are turds folks, and you can’t market a turd. Believe me, we tried. But unless a book has 100+ reviews, is totally professional in every way, is in a hot category, is a fairly new release, and is already selling dozens of copies per day on its own, there’s really not much that can be done to significantly alter its fate. As I often say when I see a book that has no shot at ever selling, “Damn, even Oprah couldn’t sell that shit!”

And because we weren’t able to change the fate of Memoir About Nothing by Nobody and similar feeble attempts at publishing, we made a lot of people unhappy. It was yet another painful experience, and it has taken us an entire year to patch things up and get BookAds thriving again. While it will never be a 7-figure website, it’s a success—profitable every single month since it was launched over a year ago. And I’ve still only got ~200 hours of my time invested into it.

100 Covers

In many ways, BookAds was the perfect business (I averaged about $3,500 per month working only 2-3 hours a week), so I decided to try it again with a book cover design service, 100 Covers.  

Trying to run a book cover business was going to be tough. I’ve never designed a book cover. I’m not an artist. I’ve never even opened Photoshop.

So instead I focused on what I could do:

  • Find great people to hire
  • Help those people boost their professional potential
  • Create an amazing work environment conducive to excellent creative work
  • Make customers as happy as possible
  • Track the numbers
  • Market the thing

It was INSANELY fun! And I found that there were actually many advantages to not knowing how to do the work that was being offered as a service. I was forced to focus on what actually makes a business successful—building a team, leading a team, and doing everything in my power to give customers the ultimate experience. And very slowly and cautiously marketing the business.

And, after working for just 5 hours per week on average for a little less than a year, I’ve got a website making thousands of dollars of profit per month (revenue jumped from $700 in February to $13,675 in December), customers are happy and keep getting happier as the quality of the work keeps progressing, my workers call it their “dream job,” and I’ve planted the seeds of something that can grow to be really special in a couple years. All this happened on fewer than 50 website visits per day. There is PLENTY of room to grow.  

All that’s required to be successful is to learn the keys to hiring and inspiring a few low-wage workers to do great work, provide that work as a service to clients, go out of your way to make customers happy, and slowly market the thing as the team develops more speed and skill at their craft.  

The Rub

So, what all this boils down to is that, because I couldn’t take the workaholic approach to building a business, I had to find a way to make decent money online while working only about 10 hours per week.

Did you catch that?

I found a way to make decent money working only 10 hours per week!

And it’s REALLY EASY. You don’t need to be an expert of any kind. The skills you need are easy to learn. It’s MUCH easier than being an author, blogging, podcasting, doing ecommerce, selling online courses, running an affiliate business, network marketing, being a YouTuber, and just about any other common online venture. 

I now feel 100% CONFIDENT that I can take just about ANYONE, with or without an idea, with or without much free time, with or without specialized knowledge or skills of any kind, and help them build a profitable internet-based service just like mine. All that’s required is 5-10 hours a week of quality effort towards the handful of fundamentals that make this type of business work. I’m pretty sure that almost any service of any kind currently being performed by freelancers can become a successful business just like 100 Covers or BookAds. 

So, would you like for me to help you build one?

I’ve decided to help 3-5 people at a time build and lead a team of their own—creating a profitable, low-maintenance, internet-based service over the course of 12 months. The next round is set for spring of 2019. 

The process is pretty simple…

  1. Come up with a good idea for a service (I have dozens)
  2. Figure out a good name for it
  3. Find a cheap domain that works and buy it
  4. Get a logo done (I provide it in-house)
  5. Write the sales copy for the simple 1-page site (I’m happy to write it for you)
  6. Put a job posting out there (done through my paid subscription to my favorite hiring service, at no extra charge to you, and I’ll write that too!)
  7. Set up a Slack channel for you to communicate with your workers and share files (free)
  8. Do a few practice projects
  9. Do a few projects for beta clients (I’ll get these for you)
  10. Build the website (done in-house with my web and graphics team)
  11. Get your first few real clients (I’ll get these for you)
  12. Slowly bring in business as your first worker or two can handle it
  13. Slowly expand the team and bring in more business in tandem


It’s really not much more complicated than that.

The cost for those spots is $10,000 each.

Yeah I know. Most don’t have that just sitting around. But I assure you it’s a rather trivial amount to pay to have a profitable business a year from now that only eats up 5-10 hours per week of your time, that is actually really fun and rewarding to operate, and has the potential to earn great money down the road. If you’ve been wanting to have a successful internet-based business for ages and haven’t been able to pull it off yet, scrounge together whatever money and available credit you can find to grab one of these spots.

As an added perk, these types of businesses are very well-suited to being sold at Empire Flippers. The going rate for internet businesses is about 35 times monthly profit, so if you can get your service business up to a meager $2,900 per month in profit, you’ve already got a business that is worth $100,000—10X what I’m charging for 12 months of in-depth mentorship.

Screw calling it “mentorship.” It will be serious almost-done-for-you hand holding.

If you’ve struggled to come up with a decent idea for an internet business, you’re tired of writing and publishing books that make less than $1,000 lifetime or starting blogs and podcasts that no one ever finds, and you’re fucking sick of your job and really want to build something on the side that can allow you to escape in a year or two, then I really believe this is your most likely path to success. I’d love to show you the way.

If you’re interested, just fill out the contact form below and let’s set up a time to chat about it!

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